HTML Editor extensions for MovableType
Helping you to build MovableType sites in your favorite HTML editors faster and more efficiently!

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How it works

Download the .mxp file (the packaged version) and double click on it. It should bring up the extension manager, which looks like this screenshot to the right. By default, it should install the package before it brings up this screen. (Uninstalling is simple as well. Just uncheck the box next to this package in the Extension Manager and you're rid of me. (As PJ Harvey would say) To completely delete the package, click on it and hit the trash can icon.

If you're interested in rebuilding the package from source, there's a Makefile. See the HOW IT WORKS section for more info on this topic, as well as a general explanation of how this whole concept works.


There's really only a few steps more. This diagram should help you understand our goal.

Step 1: Link your templates

You first want to link your templates to actual files. That way you can get to them from Dreamweaver. Go into MT's admin area and tie each template to a file. For each template that you want to edit in Dreamweaver, fill in a filename in the space labeled, "Link this template to a file". Now, rebuild your site.

Example: if one of my templates is "index.html", I tie it to a file called "index.tpl.html". I never edit the actual "index.html", because that will be overwritten the minute I rebuild the site.

Step 2: Configure Dreamweaver

Now you're ready to start editing. Startup Dreamweaver and configure a new site using FTP to "edit directly on the server using FTP. When you've connected and hit refresh you'll see the list of files in your MovableType files. Remember, only edit the source files. In my example, that's the ones with the .tpl.html on the end. If you edit the files that MovableType creates (such as index.html), you'll lose your changes in Step 3.

I've included screenshots below of how you should configure Dreamweaver to edit directly through FTP.

1: Create a new site

2: Give it a name

3: I selected no server technology

4: Select Editing through FTP on the remove server

5: Setup the FTP account information

6: Test it to make sure it works

7: Do not enable file checkin/checkout yet.

8: Confirm the details

9: You're ready to connect, hit the connect button on the Site panel

10: Now start editing index.tpl.html. Make a few edits (perhaps insert a comment)
Step 3: Rebuild your site

Now that you've made your edits, login to your MovableType backend and hit the Rebuild option. This will rebuild your site from the templates. You should see the fruits of your labor!